Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dennis the Menace x 2

This is the most fascinating example of coincidence in the history of anything creative...well in my opinion on this day anyways.  Dennis the Menace in the US is a classic troublemaker icon which probably inspired the likes of  Calvin & Hobbes and countless other pre-adolescent American boy images.  Well I didn't know some time ago there was a Dennis the Menace in the UK...thanks to the internet.  The wikipedia page on Dennis tells about how both of these comic strips began in March the same year (1951) just 5 days apart.  By sheer coincidence and similar creative waves at around the same time these two separate yet similar characters with the same name came about.  Something like this would be almost impossible to recreate today with the speed of the internet without one being the "copier", but in 1951 it was pretty remarkable.