Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dogs, Elizabethan Collars and Music

My dog Bubba is always chewing himself where it becomes this nasty bloody whole in his fur.  I don't know one area in his body he has not thoroughly destroyed.  He has a lot of allergy problems and sometimes he needs to be stopped from further damaging his beautiful shiba inu coat.  I always thought his Elizabethan Collar looked like a lamp shade or looked twistedly like one of those classic RCA dog images.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Basil Gogos Frankenstein Painting

Original photo used to create one of the classic paintings of Frankenstein. One I used as reference to create Creatura 8. The lack of color photography or high expense of it may have influenced the artist to exaggerate the colors even more.  So the question I have in mind is whether it is okay to use a photograph directly if you have full right to?  In this case it is an assignment and the artist is an illustrator.  Basil Gogo's used the image and painted in the way he is best known for.  His palette is unmistakably his own and the mood he has created is almost unapparent in the bland photo reference to the left.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Frankenstein and Dracula Creatura Paintings

I love classic monsters from Hollywood, but who doesn't right?  I started my Creatura series in 2008 with some Garbage Pail Kids images and slowly evolved into monsters.  My Creaturas are images where I combine at least two images together in a painting to make one completely new image yet still having those unique shapes of the original images.  Sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it does.  It takes a bot of work to make it work in preproduction and during the painting process itself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weird Image Inspiration

In this set I have no idea which came first since I don't know who the artist on the right is.  The one on the left is Glen Fabry in one of the paintings done for the comic book Preacher.  I just thought it was particular that an image of a winged demon on top of another figure one resembling the act of sex and the other in the act of sex.  Strange and full of impact and debatable on whether one was inspired by the other.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Images used in Tattoos

Another thing I wondered was the use of images in tattoos.  The manner it is created with actual tracing of lines and copying exact images from well-known images leaves me thinking is it necessarily right and is the artist ever compensated or want to be compensated for the images "forever" etched into people's skin. Two "LD Monster" images have been used as tattoos.  One I had no idea about and the other I was asked to create a tie to the LD Monster image shown here for a fan.  Of course I was excited to see this done and also because he bought a lot of my art in the past.